Restore and More provides on-site IV therapy services for individuals or groups. We are committed to providing natural health solutions to improve daily function. Treatments that aid in restoring body deficiencies, recovering damaged tissues, and rejuvenating health and well-being.

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My name is Robert Almasy.  I am a Registered Nurse proud to offer a new take on health and wellness in IL at Restore and More.



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Most treatments are completed in 30-45 minutes. In a short amount of time we will be out the door & you will feeling great!

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Upon our arrival, you will have a consult with a medical professional. Based on your specific needs they will create the perfect therapy for you.

Consult with Medical
Professional Upon Arrival


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Please call our office at or email us through our contact page to schedule your appointment.


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We Offer Mobile IV Drips

We’re proud to be a Mobile IV Hydration company.  Stay-at-home parents, athletes and busy professionals can enjoy the benefits of a wide array of IV cocktails, as well as people recovering from an illness, can receive a recovery drip, in the comfort of their own homes or setting of their choice. We are available for groups as well.

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