Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Men need testosterone to live well. It’s where they get their stamina, strength, and power. Optimal levels of testosterone can waive off many chronic illnesses. Testosterone therapy rejuvenates the body, assists with maintaining a strong and lean physique, and improves libido.

At Restore and More we want you to experience quick results that are life changing. We want to optimize your testosterone levels, so you can benefit with improved mood and sleep, better energy levels, enhanced libido, and increased ability to manage stress. Testosterone is the main sex hormone men have and is linked to the feeling of well-being. It also promotes motivation, strength, confidence, muscle mass, and decrease in body fat.

Let us help you gain that edge and live a stronger, healthier, and longer life!

It is estimated that 40 million men have low testosterone.

Low testosterone is an epidemic and is attributed to erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, insulin resistance, obesity, and muscle wasting. Low testosterone is also implicated in anxiety disorder, depression, and apathy. 

Low testosterone (low-T), is characterized by symptoms such as:

*Erectile dysfunction
*Reduced bone mass
*Decreased muscle mass
*Lack of focus
*Constant fatigue, low energy
*Decreased athletic performance
*Increased body fat
*Decreased libido

Most men have a natural decline of testosterone by 1-2% every year after the age of 30. It is estimated that more than 40 million men in the U.S. have low testosterone, but are unaware of their condition.

Low Testosterone


  1. After the age of 25 testosterone production decreases about 1.6 % per year and free testosterone decreases about 2 to 3 % each year.
  2. Studies show men with low testosterone have increased mortality rates compared to men with higher testosterone levels.
  3. Genetically modified food and toxins in our waters deplete testosterone.
  4. Cell phone and wifi radiation deplete testosterone.

Quick Facts

Low testosterone replacement therapy, also referred to as TRT, is a medical injection treatment that restores the natural hormone balance and to boost levels of testosterone in men with low T levels. TRT is used to treat a wide range of symptoms that include low energy levels, depression, changes in body fat and muscle mass, loss of body hair or facial hair and other side effects of low T levels. 

Benefits from Testosterone Replacement

*Improved libido
*Mental focus
*Increased muscle mass
*Decreased body fat
*Maximum athletic performance
*Elevated mood
*Healthy heart
*Overall sense of well-being

Our goal at Restore & More is to get men feeling their best again. Call us today to see if TRT could help you.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT

TRT Process

  1. Contact us to set up a consult to learn more about TRT benefits and to set up an appointment for a lab draw.
  2. Have labs drawn.
  3. Consult with the doctor to determine whether or not TRT is the right option for you, and if so appropriate dosing.
  4. Get started on TRT!


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