About Restore & More

Bobby and EllaJo dated all throughout high school and college. Bobby studied to become a Registered Nurse and EllaJo a teacher. Upon graduation they married and bought a home in the county in which they grew up, which is Stephenson County in northwest Illinois. They began in their careers and started a family soon after. Their children, Bradyn and Ashlyn, are their pride and joy. Currently, they are both attending college.

EllaJo taught for a few years, and then stayed home to care for the children while also operating some home businesses. Once the children were older, EllaJo continued her career in teaching. EllaJo also enjoys working with people and is excited to put her teaching skills to the test in many other areas within health and wellness.

Bobby has worked within the nursing profession for twenty-four years. He has a wide range of experience from dialysis, nursing home facilities, and hospitals. Working with people is one of the aspects of his job that he enjoys most. He has had a passion for health and fitness for most of his life. Whether it be vitamins, supplements, or workout routines, he is constantly seeking out new information. Bobby looks forward to putting smiles on people’s faces as they improve and maintain their health. 

 Bobby and EllaJo are thrilled to bring natural health and wellness options to the communities in which they grew up.

Meet the Owners: Bobby and EllaJo Almasy


Meet the Medical Director: Dr. David Almasy, MD

Our company operates by protocols approved by Dr. David Almasy. Dr. Almasy works at CGH Medical Center in Sterling, Illinois in obstetrics and gynecology. He has worked in obstetrics and gynecology for over eighteen years. He received his undergraduate degree from Rockford College. Upon graduation he attended Southern Illinois University for medical school. Dr. Almasy completed his residency in Peoria, Illinois at University of Illinois School of Medicine. Dr. Almasy’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in patient care will be a tremendous asset to our mission. He and his wife, Calli, stay active keeping up with their seven children and their grandchild.

We Offer Mobile IV Drips

We’re proud to be a Mobile IV Hydration company.  Stay-at-home parents, athletes and busy professionals can enjoy the benefits of a wide array of IV cocktails, as well as people recovering from an illness, can receive a recovery drip, in the comfort of their own homes or setting of their choice. We are available for groups as well.

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